Expositie Wout Zweers in het KITTlab

Regelmatig zijn er expositie in ons KITT lab. Sinds vorige week is het werk van Wout Zweers te bewonderen.

Expositie Wout Zweers1

Wout zweers is a Dutch sculptor, industrial designer and scenographer.

Background: He has completed the academy of fine arts in Enschede and graduated in mixed media. Before becoming a professional artist he graduated in Wageningen University in agricultural science, specialized in watermanagement and irrigation science. After about 20 years in theater and fine arts he decided to refresh and broaden his view and started his master study in Industrial Design Engineering in Enschede.

Graduation was in march 2011.

Work: His art work is dynamic and inventive. He made machine like sculptures and vehicles inspired by the use of mechanics and technology in our society. Later he incorporated his ideas and skills in set design, in which he strives toward interaction of set and actors. He also engaged in social activities such as neighbourhood activities and volunteering work. Natural patterns are a subject of study and find their way into various sculptures, designs and forms. Much inspiration comes from outdoor activities, especially in the mountains and on water.

He worked from 2011 to 2015 as coordinator at FabLab Enschede where people know him now as an enthousiast and inspiring collegue. He dedicated much time to digital design and production. In 2015 he founded Wowlab and now works there as a designer and fine artist.

Present: Exploring idea's and making quick prototypes.

The mission: providing a special creative skill for finding new concepts within the newly developing economy named "empowering creativity".  Analogue as well as digital, parametric methods and opportunities for design and production will be studied, combined where needed and usefull and applied in prototypes and concept designs.

In the empowering creativity which follows the knowledge economy producers need to facilitate the dialogue with their customers and stakeholders. To do this rapid, quick and dirty but understandable prototypes and visualisations are demanded. In contrary to easy to spread software this cannot be realised by producing successive alfa and beta versions. Producers and industries need rapid proto's that can be used to provoce a dialogue. These visualisations have to be founded upon trend research to find new ways instead of merely improving and detailling old ones.

The combination of fast, explorative prototyping, trend research and dialogue with the stakeholders is necessary for a good understanding of products to develop. The special skill of Wout Zweers is understanding the demands of the producer within the wider context of the stakeholders, develop quick and dirty prototypes, and understand the implications to develop these new ideas.